About Us

All and more

When a mother and a daughter found themselves in dire straits due to the devastation of Covid on smaller companies, AlJo’s All & More came to life. In stead of crying oh woe is me, we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and started our own endeavour, looking to our own strengths and abilities and love of working with people. We both love to be of service, helping where and when we can as far as we can.

AlJo’s All & More delivers more than just a single service. The concepts of “The Customer is King” and “Under One Roof” meets here. We help our clients by giving them a wide variety of choices and services. We go the extra mile to ensure our customer’s needs are met. Our promise to you is total dedication and a personal touch.

Our goals are fully aligned with your company’s needs and requirements.

Our Mission

Without limiting us to only one field, we are in the market for all office related requirements, and so many other fun and exciting projects designed around your personal taste and preferences. We bring this to all we service, regardless of the size of the company. Total dedication is yours, whether you are a multi-million rand company or a multi-million dreams company. We all must start somewhere, and we would like to start with YOU!

Our Vision

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have only one number to remember, one person’s name to recall and one email address to use for all your requirements? Both in the office and outside, for work and for play. That is what we aim for, that we become the go to for all your needs and enquiries